Myth: The Hispanic label is harmless

The perception of a homogeneous Hispanic “race” hurts disadvantaged Latinos most


Few would argue that many Hispanics suffer the effects of discrimination. But the misconception of Hispanics as a single race hits the most disadvantaged Latinos hardest. Painting a racially-homogeneous portrait of Hispanics often obscures the depth of prejudice against darker-skinned Latinos behind the success stories of white Hispanics whose Caucasian phenotypes have granted them easier entry into the racially-sensitive citadels of privilege in U.S. society. In our race conscious culture, economic success and Caucasian phenotypes are often closely linked. In effect, the depth of discrimination and the needs of those truly disadvantaged are glossed over and minimized. One look at most Spanish-surnamed CEO’s in the United States bears out this trend.








Are white Hispanics really a “disadvantaged minority”?

Many white Hispanics are direct descendants of Spanish slave holders. The incongruity of giving white Hispanics protected status as a “disadvantaged minority” is made clear by Harry C. Alford, president of the National Black Chamber of Commerce: “Imagine heirs to slave traders and slave owners being automatically allowed to participate in affirmative action programs like they suffered from slavery and Jim Crow effects. The fact is they prospered from it.”

Other myths…

Myth: Hispanics are a single race

Myth: The Hispanic label has always existed

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2 thoughts on “Myth: The Hispanic label is harmless

  1. Before the ethnicization of Spanish-speakers nearly all were considered white (90 percent), and they identified as white. The sole reason that the concept was created was so that they could take advantage of the minority benefits that started during the Johnson administration, even though they had never previously been minorities.

    Hispanics are an opportunistic minority group that looked to redefine themselves as minorities only after it became beneficial. But before the civil rights movement when laws discriminated against minorities, they were white.

    I could write about this for hours.

    1. Wait a minute…I don’t know one WHITE Hispanic-cultured person who is “thankful” for being tagged into a bogus “race” group that has NEVER existed in the history of man and TODAY is rife with degrading, erroneous and negative attributes…nothing like being told “gee, you could pass for white” or “gee, I can’t believe your parents looks so WHITE also” or “wow, even your grandparents look WHITE too”…”how’d that happen?” Yeah, I just love carrying that “Hispanic” pile of shit around…smh.

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